The series

Black gospel in Asia traces the history and rise in popularity of African/American gospel music in Asia. It takes the form of a personal journey exploring whether Asian can create the true black gospel sound or its own version. Comparing European attempts and taking to skeptics, Asian does convincingly recreate the true black gospel sound, as demonstrated by exploring the origins of black gospel techniques.

Following gospel choirs in Japan, Korea, China and The Philippines it charts Asia's unique approach to the interoperation of black gospel through vocal techniques and music fusion.

The journey moves to Taiwan to witness the formation of the Taipei Community Gospel Choir (TCGC) more details here. Following its creation, preparation and launch onto the Taiwan music scene, the choir prepares to compete with world renowned choirs such as the Harlem Gospel Choir, The Soweto Gospel Choir and the London Community Gospel Choir.

The series is filmed in Scotland, England, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland, USA, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Philippines and Taiwan.

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